Angel party

Winter functions.

Tsunami is a great place to have a party even in the winter months. We have a great collection of gas heaters which make a lot of heat and not to mention great ambience. Together with the warmth of your group of friends it will be warm enough.

Winter time is also a great time to enjoy ‘atsukan’ sake. There is nothing quite like seeing a warming cauldron with a collection of sake ‘tokkuri’ placed in it for gentle warming. Enjoy a collection of different sake with your friends. Tsunami has the largest range of sake in Perth.

We have special budget function specials if you are having a birthday or going away party. Our ‘bare bones’ package starts at the low price of $6.90 per person which means it is well affordable. You could have a group of 40 people for a party at Tsunami starting from the low price of under $280. That’s nice. They will be provided with a takeaway style Asian box of goodies like teriyaki chicken and rice, or tori yakisoba noodles or fish and chips. One box for each of your friends. Vegetarian and gluten free options are available also. We will then make a separate bar so your friends can buy their own drinks. We have eftpos facilities also.

If you’re concerned about rain and weather, don’t be. Tsunami in the garden area is completely under cover and protected from the elements.

“What if my party or function is small, say just 20 people or as low as 16?”

Next door Tsunami has a teppanyaki room which can cater for small groups and parties. You can reserve the whole area for your function group or party. In fact it is great for birthday parties. The chef will then devote his attention to you.

teppanyaki flames

teppanyaki flames

It’s a great fun evening for all. The chefs are skilled in the teppanyaki tricks that you may have seen on YouTube. They have spatula shows, onion volcanoes (available on request) and egg tossing where the toss eggs into the air and catch them with a spatula.

In short when you are thinking of where next to have your office party, birthday party or any kind of function please consider Tsunami in Mosman Park. If you’re interested SMS / text us now on 0422780661 and we can talk to you about your special event.

Cheers and see you soon. :-)