A family event

A family event


SuperSake Festival

Last week we had our own function here in Perth, it was our ‘SuperSake’ sake function.  Over two days around 800 people came and sa pled over 60 different sake Japanese beer and Whisky.  As we have an unrestricted Tavern license people were not only able to Sample but were able to buy and take hone Japanese sake, beer and Whisky.


IMG_0980There were many bargains to be had on the day some as high as 30% almost and many were at a 20% discount. We were surprised at the number of children that were there. Many parents cam to sample the sake.

Plum wine and yuzushu were extremely popular. So was the Japanese Whisky which was available for tasting.  There was a lot of Japanese Street food consumed. Chef Tetsuya did a selection of $5 plates, sushi rolls, Japanese curry and the biggest hit was okonomiyaki on sticks served from the bbq plate.

All in all a good time was had by all.  It reminded us of how Tsunami is so suitable for a wide varidity of events and corporate functions. This event was arguably just like a product launch – it was our own in fact.


There were so many different buyers at the event. Some of the buyers were high flyers and bought big quantities of expensive Nihonshu (the proper word for sake, but let’s not get too technical at this stage, sake will do fine for now). One person bought more than $1200 worth of sake. But many other people were simply buying for their own modest needs and most just bought a few bottles each.

If you think of it there is no other function or festival like this in Western Australia so it provides a great opportunity for people to buy sake (nihonshu) in Perth and not only that but to taste from a range of over 60 different sake and then buy and take home the bottles that they liked the most.

We think this is a great thing to have here in Perth and we are looking forward to doing another one soon.

Pic you are interested in attending our next event then ring Tsunami on 92847788 and ask for your name to be put on our mailing list so we can contact you when the next event comes up.



For more information about how to buy sake in Perth (or Australia) go to

Great T-shirt from Akita

Great T-shirt from Akita