Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

How big is it? Will my wedding fit? I don’t want it too squished / too roomy.

Tsunami’s garden is L-shaped. Most weddings are around 70-80 people. For that we use only the main garden area which is what you see in most photos. For larger weddings we utilise the left hand side of the L shape to expand to fit in 130-140 people.

It’s best explained when you come in to view the area. Meanwhile you can use Google Maps to have a look inside. Click on the link below.


Can I vary the menu?

Absolutely. The menus above can be changed if you have alterations you want to make. The chefs are quite versatile. Some alterations will lead to price increases.


Is there a minimum spend ?

Yes, mainly for Saturday nights ($7,500). Please see your function co-ordinator for availability and details of minimum guest numbers required.



A Vegetarian Alternative is available in all packages as standard but we need to know the number required in advance. We humbly suggest you include on your RSVP’s a small box to tick if a vegetarian meal is required, and if it is ‘ovo lacto’ or ‘vegan’.


What are the times I can have my wedding?

Luncheon Events: From 12.00am – 4.00pm. All guests are asked to be vacated by 4:30pm. Evening Events: From 6.00pm – 11.00pm. All alterations to the above event times will be considered.


Do you do drinks on consumption?

We offer drinks on consumption for our lunch packages but not for dinner.

Beverage selection is subject to change as Tsunami’s beverage menu changes but an appropriate replacement will be provided should the list change by the time your wedding comes around.


I own a winery/liquor store/nightclub/I am a wine rep/my future father-in-law/BFF/dear-friend-of-the-family wants to provide the wine for the wedding. Can we byo?

Unfortunately Tsunami is a fully licensed venue and does not permit byo.


You have such a beautiful garden area. Can I have just my wedding ceremony there? (I’ve booked my wedding reception at another venue).

We have a special package that caters for this. There is a minimum number and spend but it will provide you with an under cover venue for your ceremony together with drinks for your guests. This is handy if you want to have your wedding photos taken and want there to be an area for your guests to relax in before they head to the wedding reception venue. Please enquire.


Is it under cover? What if it rains?

The main garden is under cover although we have the foliage designed so that it doesn’t look like it. We have a nice ‘lush’ romantic garden feel to the area, but if you look closely it is indeed under cover.


Should I have a Set Priced Menu or Cocktail style wedding?

Tsunami offers a large selection of set priced menu varieties or canapé choices and ask that if more choice is required please enquire with your function co-ordinator. For beverages Tsunami has an extensive wine and beverage list. We only offer inclusive packages for beverages and not by consumption.


When is the deposit required? As well as balance of deposit?

If you are interested in our venue we can hold it for one week after which it will automatically become free for bookings. When you have decided you can hold the sate with a $500 non-refundable deposit. The balance of the wedding monies are paid two weeks before the event.


When should I choose my set menu?

You should choose when you make pay your deposit. You can change your mind at a later date (not too late please).


Do you have any preferred suppliers you use?

Jazz band ~ John Bannister 0412687716 (you can see him play live at Tsunami on Friday nights).

Photography Manny Tamayo 0425 051246


Can I use my own suppliers for decorations, cakes, entertainment etc.?



Do you hold ceremonies at the venue?

Yes. In the back back area. Hire is $350 which includes chairs for the bridal parents & family, and a table and chairs for the bride, groom and celebrant. One hour roughly is the time you will need. Please see your functions advisor regarding extra chairs or drinks etc.


You have such a beautiful garden area and it’s under cover also. Can I have my wedding ceremony there? (I’ve booked my wedding reception at another venue).?

We can hire out the area to you for a fee and offer your guests a place to have a drink and relax whilst you have your wedding photos taken before you all move onto the reception venue.



Is there anything anywhere else close for the ceremony?

Yes. Across the lane from the back back area there is a park – it is free and within easy walking distance. For more details contact Mosman Park council on 9384 1633.


Do you have preferred suppliers for DJ that we are required to use or are we free to select our own?

We have some recommendations but you are free to choose your own. Noise restrictions apply and you should ask your DJ to contact us at earliest convenience. We will need to talk to them concerning setup and they will have to meet at the venue before the event.


When do I need to confirm final numbers?

Two weeks before, along with payment.


When can I bring in the cake, place settings and do the decorations?

After 2pm the afternoon of the wedding for an evening wedding. For a lunch wedding, after 10am.


How many people can I have?

130+ for square tables (most popular), 110 for round, and 340 for cocktail/buffet.


Is the venue / toilets Wheelchair accessible?

The rear garden function area has multiple entry points and a unisex disabled toilet. If your wedding guests include people with disabilities or elderly who are wheelchair confined please ask to inspect our facilities.


Can we come and inspect the venue? Can we inspect while there is an event?

Absolutely.  Any night you can come down and have a look. Please ring in advance so we can be ready for you to answer your questions. After 8:30pm is always best (after service). We can also give you a small peek at another wedding as long as you are discreet and are accompanied by us.


Are chair covers included? Is the bride & cake table skirted?

Most weddings at Tsunami do not use chair covers and table skirting as the venue has a very natural ‘organic’ oriental garden theme so we tend to find people look at that rather than the chairs and once people are seated you can’t see the chairs, (you will save a lot of money this way), but you are welcome to have them if you wish.


Where do my guests park? Can you help with transport?

There is ample parking on the street for you and all your guests. If you have a really big wedding please speak to us. We can make arrangements with transport companies for transporting large numbers of guests and we will happily pass on any saving to you. This will make it easier for those who want to have a few drinks also. Also note we are 5 minutes from the train station for those who live along the train line (Subicao, West Perth etc).


Why should I have my wedding here rather than a hotel?

1) Price. We are similar and perhaps a little cheaper. At a hotel chair covers are necessary.

2) Food quality. Whilst hotels are better equipped to pre-prepare food on a mass scale and refrigerate it for quick service, we as a restaurant are more focused on preparing high quality meals. So whilst it’s harder on us to prepare and cook the food we believe the food is better. It’s what we do.

3) It’s unique.

4) You can have top quality Japanese food but still have excellent western food for your family and friends who are not into Asian food. (Our chefs are competent in French and modern Australian cuisines).

5) The garden and lights are beautiful but it’s still under cover.

6) Parking is easier and being very close to the train station will suit some. In the city your guests and family will have to pay most likely forparking.

7) You can save money by not having chair coverings and bows which are needed at other venues to make it look nice. (It already looks nice).


Do you have an area for small ceremonies? (Tea Ceremony)

Yes. Please come and view the area and see if it suits you.


How can I see what it’s like?

We can send you a DVD which shows you what a wedding at Tsunami looks like. Go to the bookings page and email us with your mailing address and we’ll send you one. Or you can ring us on 92847788 after 4pm and arrange a time for a viewing (usually at night after dinner – you can come in for a drink).


For a look at the venue you can use Google maps to look inside.