Email from happy customer

Sometimes we get an email (we used to get letters) from happy customers thanking us for holding their event. We would like to share this one with you. It makes us happy to read them. Seriously.

Hey Flora 

sorry it has taken me so long to send this email. I have been dragging my feet all week, still recovering haha!!!  I have only just gotten my voice back from Saturday haha! 

Justine and i wanted to send a MASSIVE thank you to yourself, Brett, Lendl and all the staff at Tsunami. Our engagement party was a huge success thanks to you all. 

Flora… we wanted to say an extra special thank you to yourself. You have been super amazing throughout the whole process and Justine and i cannot thank you enough. Our night was perfect and a lot of that was thanks to you! Anything we needed was not a problem. You made us feel like a million bucks. We had the most amazing night and just appreciate everything you did for us. 

We have had so many wonderful comments from all our guest about the venue, the food, the cocktails and the staff and how wonderful you all were. The Food was incredible – everyone has been raving about it and the cocktails… OMG perfect! 

i don’t know how to express our gratitude anymore but if i could find the words they would be in this email. 

As i said The Venue was like a fairly tale, The food was absolutely delicious and there was so much of it and the cocktails… WOW!!! i think everyone enjoyed maybe a few to many of those hehe! 

i hope we weren’t to much trouble or to rowdy. I know everyone was cutting loose on the Dance floor and thanks again for those last 3 songs!!! i know i wasn’t making it to easy for you (sorry, i just didn’t want the party to end). I think if you had let us we would have dance till dawn haha. 

Anyways thanks again Flora… you are amazing! 

All the best and i hope we see you soon. 


Chloe & Justine xxx 

Chloe and Justine's engagement party

Chloe and Justine’s engagement party