Saturday June 11 What a great engagement party.

A natural Australiana theme prevailed at this engagement party with gumnuts and gumtree fronds everywhere. Much fun was had by everybody. Thanks to everyone who helped set up the night before.

The music was eclectic and ranged from 80’s to Justin Bieber with a generous sprinkling of disco. Some people with funny hats attended.

One of the stand out features was the sake cocktails. They were made from crushed apple and Hakuro Sake (nihonshu) and were drunk instead of cider. We must admit it was touch and go getting Chloe to have the cocktails as she and her friends were pretty set on have cider. But when our bar tender Lendl made them some when they came in for tastings they were convinced and we were glad too. The cocktail is pretty interesting. Most functions in Perth will have cider or sparkling wine. And sake cocktails that we have had up to date have been quite uninspiring. We used to make our sake cocktails using quite a good sake. Good that is because we thought it wouldn’t interfere with the taste.

But then we came across the Hakuro which has a distinctive flavour so that when it is added to the cocktail it really holds its own against the strong sweet other flavours.

We purchase our sakes from SuperSake. They can be found here at and they have a huge range of sake, Japanese whisky, Japanese beer, shochu (a type of Japanese vodka but not as strong in alcohol percentage, around 25%) and many types of Japanese plum wines including ‘plum wines’ not made with plumes. They’re actually called ‘shus’ i.e. mikanshu (made with oranges) and yuzushu (made with Japanese lemons) and even a kiwishu made from kiwi fruits which are extensively grown in Japan.

So we can heartily recommend when you have your function in Perth at Tsunami have the crushed apple cocktail. You won’t regret it.

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cakes people everything

cakes people everything