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How to have a cheap birthday (or engagement, social, going away etc) party in Perth

It’s tough out there. The economy in Perth is not as good as it could be and your finances are a bit stretched nowadays but you still want to have a birthday party. A cheap birthday in Perth? Seems far fetched but here at Tsunami it’s not impossible.

We have a package designed just for this. You can have your party, be it birthday, engagement, 30th, 40th, 50th or something else like a ‘going away party’, for a good price. You just have to follow a few basic rules. Here are the details. 

1) $6.90 per person. That gets everyone a Japanese style takeaway box of Teriyaki chicken, tori yakisoba noodles or fish and chips. 

2) Have it in the back garden area, unless it’s a Saturday night in which case you can hold it in the ‘Ripple Area’ (have a look on the web site for pictures). 

3) You, the host, pay for the food. We set up a bar and your guests pay for their own drinks. 

4) You can’t pay for any drinks yourself. You can’t for example put $200 towards the drinks or shout a carton of beer. That is a condition of this package. If you want to spend more money, spend it on the food. 

5) You can buy additional pieces of food from $2.80 per piece to supplement the food. We don’t do platters but if you can imagine a platter containing 30 pieces of food (it depends on how big the platter is) the it would cost 30×2.80 or $84. And if you had 30 people then everyone (in a perfect world) would get one piece. As it is, the world isn’t perfect and some people will have 5 pieces which is why we base the package in a box for everyone because it is easier to control. 

6) This package has to finish at 10:30pm latest. There is a 3 hour limit which is ample for most celebrations. 

7) Minimum of 30 people. 

What will it cost for a party? 

Small birthday party

30 people.

One box each, say 15 yakisoba noodles and 15 teriyaki chicken (ordered in advance) at 6.90 each will cost you $103.50. 

A party for your friends for $103.50. That’s pretty good. 

If you wanted to you could add some extra finger food at 2.80 pp. say you wanted to add sushi rolls and gyoza dumplings, 1 piece each. That would be 2×2.80, times 30 guests. An extra 168.00. Still not bad. 

We will set up a bar for your friends to buy their own drinks. That way the people who just want to have an orange juice for the night won’t be have to pay for the people who want to have a few craft beers or cocktails. 

Large birthday party, bigger budget. 

Bigger event. Say a 30th birthday or going away party. 

80 people. Some children extra. 

One box each, say 40 teriyaki chicken, 40 fish’n’chips. 5 pieces of food per person. Could be one each of sushi roll, tempura prawn, wagyu kofta ball, smoked salmon and onion on cracker and a Pork belly with salsa piece (there are many more to choose from – we can even make something up that you have seen somewhere else)(subject to cost). 


80 x 6.90 = 552. Plus 5 pieces x 2.80 = 14, times 80 people = 1120. (We can also make up kid’s meals for the day at a reasonable price but we won’t include them right now). 

Total cost = 1672. This is a great price for a party for 80 people. 


We will set up a bar with a selection of what you think your guests will like. We can also for big events do cocktails (1) and sell them at a reduced price to your guests and family.  

If you want to have something a bit different at your party you can order a large 1.8 litre bottle of sake and everyone can have a shot or two. We have a very large range. You can view this range by clicking here .

We hope you think these packages are attractive. Phone or text us on 0422780661 or 92847788 after 4pm for more information. Or email us at

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