Jess & Bruno’s Wedding

We had back-to-back weddings over this long weekend. Today we had the pleasure of hosting Bruno and Jessica’s wedding. It was a lovely event that started off in the ripple area with a beautiful ceremony. Jess and Bruno were surrounded by their loved ones, which made it an intimate gathering in our small wedding venue. [...]

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Cheap birthday (or other) party – how to have one

How to have a cheap birthday (or engagement, social, going away etc) party in Perth It's tough out there. The economy in Perth is not as good as it could be and your finances are a bit stretched nowadays but you still want to have a birthday party. A cheap birthday in Perth? Seems far [...]

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Email from a happy customer

Email from happy customer Sometimes we get an email (we used to get letters) from happy customers thanking us for holding their event. We would like to share this one with you. It makes us happy to read them. Seriously. Hey Flora  sorry it has taken me so long to send this email. I have [...]

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Sake Festival

A family event SuperSake Festival Last week we had our own function here in Perth, it was our 'SuperSake' sake function.  Over two days around 800 people came and sa pled over 60 different sake Japanese beer and Whisky.  As we have an unrestricted Tavern license people were not only able to Sample but were [...]

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